Protoje - Kingston Be Wise
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Kingston Be Wise

  • Жанр: Регги
  • Качество: 320 kbps
  • Слушали: 6 168
  • Формат: mp3
  • Длительность: 04:10
  • Размер: 9.55 MB

Клип Protoje - Kingston Be Wise

Текст песни Protoje - Kingston Be Wise

Ey, ey
Watch ya dread
Hey hey
Kingston, be wise
Kingston, free up your mind
Kingston, just be wise
Kingston, free up the I, yeah
When the city a go click-clack-blow, you bet
Government fingers and tic-tac-toes in it
And while they working on the X's and O's
I'm living I-N-I like I'm Mister Kamoze
No surprise when they sending foes to me
Opposite of when plain clothes approaching me
Follow they rules is what they propose to me
Selling they souls for what is owed, you see
Nothing is owed, nothing is promised
Never know the government woulda run up inna them garrison
Without no sorry, without excuse
Soldier man inna them lorry, everybody get abused, and
Everybody have them views now
The media is owned so know where you get your news from
And the blood deh pon them shoes now
When them walking it trace
Look them hard in them face
And say
Kingston, be wise
Kingston, free up your mind
Kingston, just be wise, for me
Kingston, free up the violence
Now all the damage can't quantify
Roy Rayon couldn't sanctify
Say a nuff a dem them send fi die
So the city a intensify
Say the ghetto them a gentrify
Well I, nobody nuh identify
Nuff bodies unidentified and just a lie deh
Then where the gun deh? Dead pon Saturday
Buried Sunday like Solomon Grundy
Like a no Sons of Solomon them have down deh
Leonard Howell, Pinnacle and them land deh
Subdivision, them deal it underhand deh
So learn it 'cause them come back with dem plan deh
So tell me how far do you wanna go now, hey
Cah them will ratta-tatta-tatta when u pow-pow-pow
Kingston, be wise
Kingston, free up your mind
Kingston, just be wise
For me!
Kingston, free up the violence
Do you overstand me man
Yeah, its live from the capital... city
Hey hey
Be wise!
Be wise!
For me!
Be wise!
Free up the I, yeah

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